Artificial intelligence makes it possible to analyse huge amounts of data, notice repeating patterns, and make predictions based…


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to analyse huge amounts of data, notice repeating patterns, and make predictions based on them. Using artificial intelligence is beneficial to companies, since it helps predict, for example, customer behaviour and order volumes for subsequent periods; it also helps automate many necessary and labour-intensive processes.

Over the years, we at Flowit have implemented artificial intelligence to improve the work processes of many logistics and manufacturing companies.

Our solutions, created on the basis of artificial intelligence, can perform, for example, these kinds of tasks:

  • predicting the behaviour of the customers of the company;
  • sending the customers pre-filled and personalised offers;
  • predicting the orders and volumes of the next period;
  • optimising prices;
  • pre-determining necessary maintenance;
  • finding and analysing potential risks;
  • assessing the quality of the products;
  • generating basic data for an internal audit.


How we operate

In order to implement artificial intelligence in a company, we are able to execute the whole project until the development of a solution or help the company’s existing AI team. If there is no AI team in-house, we will execute all operations: data analysis, validating business needs against data, validating and implementing algorithms, piloting, design works, as well as finding a comfortable solution for the end-user.

Most of our customers wish to fulfil their ideas as fast as possible; we are capable of executing all phases of a project faster than anyone else could.


Request free consultation

We offer the possibility of a free consultation to work out our initial AI projects and begin creating an AI strategy.

The consultation is composed of three parts:

  • becoming acquainted with the company and primary data analysis, which takes 2 hours;
  • based on the company’s wishes and data, highlighting the uses of AI and offering solutions, which takes 3 hours;
  • presenting the results to the company, which takes 1 hour.

Interested in a consultation? Leave us your contact information and we will contact you at first opportunity.

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