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Automating the repetitive processes enables people to focus on more profitable tasks like product development or customer engagement. Robotic Process Automation is up to 10 times faster and cheaper than traditional software development.

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Application Development

Application Development

Sometimes automation is not enough. In order to open new business horizons, a new solution is needed. A digital tailor made solution that is effective, secure, high quality and utilizes the latest in AI.

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to analyse huge amounts of data, notice repeating patterns, and make predictions based on them. Using artificial intelligence is beneficial to companies, since it helps predict, for example, customer behaviour and order volumes for subsequent periods; it also helps automate many necessary and labour-intensive processes.

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about us

A 100% Estonian company.

We have been an independent Estonian company from our previous mother company Knowit AB (KNOW) in 2018.
We have 11 years of experience in working with Software Quality Assurance and Application Development. Our Robotic Process Automation team is one of the best in Scandinavia.

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“Flowit is the first partner we think of when talking about automation with regard to both testing and processes.”

Ergo Tars

Telia Estonia, Head of Product Lifecycle

“Flowit has been a strong quality assurance partner, whom we have entrusted with difficult tasks, which they have managed very successfully.”

Helena Tiimus-Aume

Luminor, Head of Software Quality

“Flowit has been a strong process automation partner that we know we can always turn to for help.”

Rolf Relander

Bellus Furniture, CEO

“Flowit was professional, yet flexible, and helped us solve a real problem.”

Georg Rute

Elering, Head of Digitalization

"The entire process was professional and quick.”

Kaur Esnar

Ekspress Digital, Head of Business Development

“Flowit’s strong team has helped us carry out complex transformations and we have been very satisfied with their service thus far.”

Ott Raidla

Nasdaq, Head of Communication


We are looking for open minded people

We are looking for open minded people

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