Digitalisation and software development. Technical consultations.



Sometimes process automation is not enough. In order to broaden your business opportunities, you may need a custom solution to take traditional work processes into the digital realm, structure unstructured data, and make your business model scalable.

To help you achieve this, we will carry out digital diagnostics (Enterprise Estonia offers a separate support measure for manufacturing enterprises), map opportunities and alternatives for achieving a competitive edge through digital technologies, and select the best technical options for implementation. Combined with deep process analysis (if necessary, in cooperation with our partner Lean Digital), we will find the most effective solutions for you and develop the information system your business needs.

Information system development

We develop quality information systems based on clients’ needs. Based on deep process analysis, we create maximally automated solutions to save users both time and money. We perform constant testing to ensure the high quality of all development projects.

Technical project management

Our technical project manager will mediate information exchange between your company and the development partner. They understand business particularities and technical details of development projects and can help determine the best technical options.

Systems architecture

We find solutions that meet modern business needs and will be adaptable even in 10 years’ time.

General contracting

Developing complete software solutions often requires involving multiple parties. In some areas, there are simply no specialists available in Estonia, which is when we partner with professionals across Europe.

We solve design, user experience (UX), development, testing, automation and hardware-related IT problems. We take responsibility for developing complete solutions and will ensure the success of the entire process.

Integration solutions

Solutions that ensure information exchange between different systems without compromising data quality.

Development processes and agile methodology

We can help make your entire organisation work towards a common goal. We can find the bottlenecks in your development process and achieve objectives with the help of short feedback cycles. We can help scale agile development in larger organisations using the Scaled Agile Framework.

Let's start achieving your business goals