Is working at Flowit something that could suit you?


Joining our team is like diving headfirst into unknown waters. Experienced colleagues will serve as your lifejacket, but you will need to learn to swim yourself.

Projects will be allocated based on what you are capable of, not what you have been doing for years. None of us know what tomorrow will bring. With, of course, one exception: you can be sure that everything will be in a state of constant change. We need to constantly learn about new sectors, understand new businesses, implement previously unknown technologies and communicate with new clients.

Working at Flowit is not for you if you are looking for stability and dreaming about becoming a top expert in a single little niche. We do not believe that any narrow field has a long future ahead of it in today’s rapidly changing society, and the winners will be those that are the best at adapting. What are you looking for?

Office and bicycles

Our office is located in Tallinn’s most dangerous district. The Telliskivi area has more bicycle traffic than any other location in Tallinn, which means that there is a high probability of getting into an accident. Luckily, all of our colleagues have managed to stay out of harm’s way thus far, and all Flowit employees have the opportunity to cycle to work. There are also tram, train and bus stops right behind our office. Thus, having a car is not necessary; however, if you do own a car, we have some good news: we have our own parking lot, where parking is completely free.

Our office is located next to the Baltic Station Market, where you can pick up fresh food or a quick snack, if you happen to miss your lunch. A hundred metres from there, you will find the Telliskivi street food area. There you will be able to enjoy an appetising range of foods, with anything from Thai food to fish & chips. A little further on, you will come to the best restaurants of the Telliskivi area, including Frenchy and Trühvel. As such, you should never be in any danger of going hungry. More likely you will become too picky and consider going on strike, if you cannot get a plate of roast duck breast at least once a week.

Our office is newly renovated and appropriately furnished in a manner befitting a modern IT company. Work rooms and rest areas are located on separate floors, to keep work from interfering with play and vice versa.

Our value proposition

So as not to seem too fun and informal, let’s get serious for a moment and talk about our values.

We are:

  • a small and ambitious IT consulting company;
  • flexible, ready to adapt to our clients’ needs;
  • proud of our work!

We treat:

  • our colleagues as family;
  • each client as the most important;
  • our clients’ businesses as our own;
  • our partners as equals.

We are focused on:

  • developing our clients’ businesses, taking it as our personal responsibility;
  • the big picture: strategy, objectives, market situation, innovation;
  • creating tangible value (ROI).

What competences are we looking for?

  • software developers who can tame the Python or surf through Java
  • automation engineers who are not afraid to talk to clients about their business
  • data wizards and machine teachers
  • analysts who can see beyond documentation


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