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Automation is not easy. It is a long and complex process to better efficiency. But you shouldn’t take that fight up with just pen and paper. We have developed some tools we use on a daily basis that make it much easier to succeed with automation projects. And we offer them to you as well, free of charge!

Process mining – what could be automated?

There are two ways of finding out which processes could and should be automated:

  • An experienced RPA Analyst maps all the processes that fit the criteria through interviews conducted with all the key personnel.
  • You do the preparation work and gather all the information so that an experienced consultant could help pick and specify the processes to automate.

For either case we use a specialist tool. The “Collector”. It makes it easy to gather all the ideas that meet the criteria for automation. Even at very large organizations where it is simply not feasible for a consultant to conduct all the interviews.

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ROI calculator

With automation there are a lot of questions that arise:

  • Which processes should be automated?
  • What do we automate first?
  • Where can we save time or money?
  • What are the financial risks and opportunities?
  • Big processes or small processes first?

Naturally there are as many correct answers as there are different business areas within companies. But we like to look at the numbers first – which processes provide the best Return on Investment (ROI)? We have a special tool to find out and visualize just that. It will make different automation ideas comparable. All you need to know is your resource cost and time spent on the process. We will gladly help out with estimating the automation and maintenance costs for your project that is also a critical part of calculating the ROI. Get in touch!

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