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What is RPA?

RPA (robotic process automation) means entrusting repetitive and time-consuming activities to a robot, so that your employees can dedicate more time to value-adding activities.

Are any of your team members engaged daily in repetitive, routine activities, such as data entry, verification, comparison, and amendment, or gathering information from different systems? All repetitive activities can be automated.

Benefits of RPA

Fewer mistakes

Automation reduces man-made mistakes and helps limit costs.

Higher efficiency

Robots are faster and more efficient at performing routine tasks. This gives employees more time to do meaningful work.

Lower costs

Robots can work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They do not take coffee breaks, fall ill or ask for a raise.

Job satisfaction

Cutting out the unpleasant routine bits from your employees’ daily work leads to happier staff. It increases employees’ job satisfaction and creativity.

New opportunities

RPA allows bolstering your business with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, which increases automation benefits.

Modern information technology tools enable the automation of 45% of all work.

McKinsey&Company demonstrated that in about 60% of all jobs, at least 30% of work could be automated. Thus, automation could be applied to the vast majority of today’s jobs.

Around 45% of tasks could be automated just by using existing technology, though this requires significant restructuring of work tasks and business processes.

Flowit’s consultants have extensive experience in applying automation in various environments and industries.

Planning automation requires considering the following:

  • What is the most reasonable way to carry out the automation both in financial terms and with regard to people?
  • How can using software robotics benefit employees?
  • How can you provide a reliable and efficient information system support and maintenance service?

Automation ROI calculator

When providing software robotics services, we will ensure that your investment is profitable and meets your business objectives.

Here you can calculate whether investing in automation would be economically worthwhile for you:


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