Case Studies

Here are just some of the examples of what we have been working on during the past 3…

Case Studies

Manufacturing company

Size 100 employees, €25M revenue


  • Problem – All the company’s processes (sales, internal communication, reporting etc.) were handled in standard office software and e-mail. As the company was growing fast, project management, client communication and other activities were taking up increasing amounts of time. And as the data was not organized in systematic manner, the team didn’t have clear overview of their projects.
  • Solution – Flowit built a new, tailor-made software for the client to meet their specific needs. The software included integrations for ERP, planning, stock, logistics, finance etc. The built software included Android application for reporting, online task management, real-time feedback and dashboards for project managers, finance department, customers etc.
  • Outcome – All the client’s processes from sales to reporting were digitalized. Due to this the project management time decreased 25%, projects could be completed 15% faster and the customers of the company could see a real-time overview of their project.



A custom interior building company had been growing very fast during the last 5 years, and to keep up with the growing demand, they needed to take their internal processes to the next level and digitalize them. Project planning and budgeting, sourcing and manufacturing materials and elements, logistics and installation were all done using standard office software and e-mail, which took up considerable amounts of the team’s time. They needed much better insight and efficiency:

  • Detailed planning and timelines
  • Detailed overview of budgets and actual costs
  • Better communication solutions with partners and customers
  • Digitized daily work orders, time tracking and reporting solutions for their 100 workers
  • Detailed performance and financial analysis of completed projects.


Work process:

We started with process mapping and identifying the detailed needs of the customer. When the AS-IS were mapped, TO-BE processes finalized and functional and non-functional requirements were in place, we compiled a thorough comparison of suitable readymade software components. After setting up a pilot project and getting the acceptance from the customer, we integrated the solution into one ecosystem and developed a tailor-made software and 5 different integrations for company specific needs. Techstack: Python, Vue.js.



  • The team has a detailed understanding of their projects from proposal stage to warranty
  • All the detailed financial data is available in any stage of the project
  • Daily tasks are given by the system and digitally monitored by project managers on site with handheld devices
  • Reporting and order can be managed through dedicated (Android) app
  • Metrics about the performance of projects and resources, information about delivery, execution, delays
  • Communication with partners, including tendering and billing is done through online channel
  • The end customer has complete transparency throughout the entire project.


Electronics manufacturer

Size 800 employees, €140M revenue


  • Problem – Electronics manufacturer with over 200 suppliers for components did not have a clear or regular overview of their supply chain. Due to COVID it became critical to monitor their suppliers and have a list of potential alternative suppliers in case any subcontractor was not able to deliver on time.
  • Solution – Flowit built a software that shows all the existing and potential suppliers on a granular level to help the company’s purchasing managers to make decisions according to needs.
  • OutcomeThe company was able to change suppliers only in hours thus avoiding any problems in their supply chain. They became one of the very few companies that was able to deliver on time during COVID and thanks to this they gained new customers.



A company that manufactures components for electronic devices is a part of a global corporation with customers and subcontractors all over the world. Most of their suppliers are in China, which caused considerable transportation delays during COVID. As they have over 200 different suppliers, it was difficult and time-consuming to keep track of them manually. The company needed an overview of their suppliers regarding geographical location, commodity group and percentage of security of supply and additionally a list of potential alternative suppliers with their information.


We developed a solution that gives the customer an overview of all their subcontractors in one place, digitally exchanges data with all the suppliers and made it possible to change supplier and place an order with them in a matter of hours. Techstack: Python, Vue.js, Pandas, Tensorflow, Prophet, Arima, Random Forest.


Metalworks company

Size 140 employees, €12M revenue


  • Problem – A metalworks company was spending too much time on composing price offers to their customers – sometimes it took up to 3 workdays and involved a lot of manual data insertion.
  • Solution – Flowit built a software robot that integrated all the softwares already used by the company and added a layer to visualize the incoming inquiries and outgoing quotes. The solution automated the process of composing a quote.
  • OutcomeQuote composing time decreased from 3 days to 30 minutes.



A metalworks company manufactures different metal parts based on clients’ drawings. They have top technology for fabricating the pieces, but the first stage – composing price offers – consumed irrational amounts of their time. For putting together a single price offer they had to get the client’s drawings in the right format, find the mistakes in them, calculate the cutting times and other price components. And after the customer had accepted the offer, the information had to be manually inserted into their systems again.



We built a software robot that:

  • Gathers all price proposals from e-mails and relevant information from 3D/CAD drawings
  • Automatically converts them into the needed format
  • Inserts them in a specialist system to calculate price components
  • Gets the needed information and based on that automatically generates offers
  • Copies all the information, so that when a customer accepts an offer, the company can
    • give out an accurate delivery date based on current workload
    • start the work order with all the information already prefilled.

Techstack: Python, Vue.js, Robot framework.


80% of the offers are now sent out automatically without any human intervention which saves the company 160 hours of manual work every week.


Electronic parts manufacturer

Size 12 000 employees, €2B revenue


  • Problem – A large electronic parts manufacturer didn’t have a clear understanding of the behavior of their resellers and end-customers, which made it difficult to predict the sales and production volumes for the next periods.
  • Solution – Flowit built a solution that cleans and imports sales data and conducts multi-level behavior pattern and predictive analysis.
  • Outcome – The company can now monitor their customers’ behavior in real time. Client behavior pattern analysis has made it possible to predict their next period’s sales with an accuracy of 95%.

Background, work process and results:

An electronic parts manufacturer with tens of thousands of end-customers and hundreds of distributors wanted to gain insight into their customer behavior to be able to predict future sales volumes in order to plan their production better.

We created automated data cleaning and importing routines to store the data in high-speed data warehouse and implemented AI algorithms for multi-level behavior pattern analysis and predictive analytics.

The created solution had an impact on the pricing of components that are used in majority of electronic devices.

Techstack: Python, Vue.js, Pandas, Tensorflow, Prophet, Arima, Random Forest.



Distribution company of specialist tools

Size 30 employees, €6M revenue


  • Problem – The company struggled with the large amount of routine work: 3 people were working full time on gathering data and manually entering it in different systems.
  • Solution – Flowit analyzed and automated the company’s processes.
  • Outcome – The company’s data is now analyzed automatically. As 3 employees could focus their work time on tasks with higher added value, the following year the company was able to grow 25% without hiring a single new person.


Background, work process and results:

A marketing and distribution company of specialist tools was growing very fast, but their work processes had become limiting to their scalability. We carried out Digital Diagnostics and selected the processes which should be automated and digitalized to reduce the amount of routine work for their employees. As a result, the following processes were automated:

  • Accepting customer orders (incl. checking the ordered amounts and adding correct transportation costs)
  • Combining deliveries for goods ordered on different dates, but what could be shipped together
  • Generating waybills and invoices based on the ordered goods
  • Warehouse movements within ERP – sometimes products are moved between different warehouses, thanks to automation, this information no longer needs to be inserted manually
  • Ordering products from manufacturers (incl. combining orders of different customers).


It took four months to automate all the processes listed above. Customer’s business grew 25% the following year without any new hire.

Techstack: Python, Vue.js, Robot framework.



Logistics company

Size 200 employees, €100M revenue


  • Problem – A large logistics company with 300 000 shipments per year was gathering a lot of sales data but did not have any systematic solution for analyzing it. Their sales processes had become reactive and managing SPOT sales had become very resource intensive for them.
  • Solution – Flowit developed a self-service portal with an integrated AI solution that monitors customer churn and predicts next periods’ orders based on predictive analytics algorithms.
  • Outcome – The company has now clear understanding of their customers’ behavior, which increased their success rate in proactive sales. Already within the first week of use, the company managed to retain 3 customers that were about to leave.



One of the biggest logistics companies in Estonia was gathering data on 300 000 shipments orders per year but did not have a solution to analyze it. They wanted insight on their 30 000 customers in order to predict sales and to organize their logistics more efficiently.

Work process:

Based on the customer’s needs we built a tool that gives them:

  • AI generated detailed predictions for future shipments
  • Customer behavior analytics – patterns of shipments
  • Customer retention / churn analysis with automated reports
  • Customer shipment specific offers with the data of their next predicted shipments
  • Complete logistics CRM module that allows full digitalization of sales processes and 100% transparency.
  • Techstack: Python, Vue.js, Pandas, Tensorflow, Prophet, Arima, Random Forest.



  • 30% more SPOT sales
  • 70% reduced churn
  • 100% transparency in sales
  • 100% of leads acted upon



Stock-taking company

Size 360 employees, €12M revenue


  • Problem – The core software of a large stock-taking company was old, no longer met the needs of the company and it required a lot of additional development work with each new onboarding customer.

Solution – Flowit developed a new software that automated most of the company’s processes for stock-taking, from design to maintenance. Techstack: Python, Vue.js.

  • OutcomeThe solution increased their work efficiency by 30%.


Main features of the solution:

  • Integrating data from retail chains to the system
  • Crowdsourcing company’s database of temporary workers and automatically creating groups of 5-100 people to conduct necessary inventories; handling all the necessary communication
  • Real-time overview of inventory taking processes, checks and validations; proposing bonuses based on performance
  • Specialized application for Android based physical scanners with 4G connectivity
  • Offline work capability for areas without 4G connectivity or WiFi
  • Detailed analysis and reports
  • Sharing inventory results that can be directly imported to customers’ ERP systems.



Digital welfare service

Size 20 employees, €2M revenue


  • Problem – A digital welfare service was doing a lot of manual work for connecting welfare service providers with elderly and disabled people interested in these services.
  • Solution – Flowit developed a digital platform where people could easily and independently find all municipality supported welfare services.
  • OutcomeThe company automated the work of 10 people and was able to gain 80% of the market share thanks to the automated solution.



A digital welfare service supports local municipalities with a digital tool for finding service providers for the elderly and disabled. However, all the requested services were found manually by a social worker who looked for municipality provided services from different databases and tools. The idea was to add all the service providers into one system, so that people needing these services would be able to find them independently. This system would also prove useful to social workers who would be able to provide answers and solutions much faster.


We developed a digital platform where people could do the following:

  • Find local medical institutions
  • Find available local government grants
  • Book guest apartments, restaurants, wellness and care facilities
  • Book all external service providers, e.g. hairdressers, driving services etc.
  • Coordinate events calendar
  • Organize club room and communal kitchen
  • Organize leisure activities and events
  • Call repair service via app
  • Communicate with neighbors
  • Make appointments
  • Arrange cleaning or shopping services
  • Mediate everyday support and care services
  • Notify relatives in emergencies
  • Control electronic assistance systems
  • Retrieve documents digitally
  • Receive neighborhood news
  • Find neighbors and employees online


Techstack: Python, Vue.js.




Reseller of beauty products

Size 120 employees, €20M revenue


  • Problem – E-commerce platform and ERP of a growing beauty products reseller had become technologically obsolete. Old systems were impeding client’s expansion to new markets.
  • Solution – Flowit built new tailor-made e-commerce platform and ERP system.
  • OutcomeCompany was able to increase their sales by 30% and expand to new markets.



An importer and reseller of beauty products who was present in three countries had a plan of expanding to 3 more countries with an e-commerce platform. However, the existing platform had become technologically obsolete and no longer met the needs of the end-customers. The company needed a new solution fast.


Flowit developed a new e-commerce platform to meet the customer needs and integrated it with ERP system, that based on ODOO platform. We took the project from the idea stage and brought it into live environment including:

  • Design
  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

Like most of the projects, this project not only needs maintenance but new features and fixes all the time, so we do have a dedicated team working on that project full time.

Techstack: Python, Vue.js.

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