Sinu äri eesmärkide saavutamine automatiseeritud lahendustega


Quality management

We carry out planning, quality checking and risk mitigation, while taking into account your whole organisation.

Test management

Our experienced test managers will help plan your project and carry it out, while ensuring that all activities necessary for ensuring software quality are completed on time and with the appropriate attention to detail.

Software testing


We ensure the ease of use of your applications. We will run tests to see whether users can find the necessary information and carry out important operations without hindrance.

Technical testing

How well are the components of your software that are not meant for human use functioning? We will run tests to determine whether machine interfaces, logic modules, system services and background applications meet quality expectations.


We will ensure the privacy of your company and customer data.


We will test the maximum capacity of your system for serving customers. Is your system prone to malfunctions when workloads are high for a longer period? At what kind of load will system performance need upgrading?

Test automation

We will use a variety of test automation tools to get information about software quality to you faster than any human could.

Technical project management

Our technical project manager will mediate information exchange between your company and the development partner. They understand business particularities and technical details of development projects and can help you determine the best technical options.


We have been offering software quality training since 2008 with both Estonian and Scandinavian training professionals. We will prepare the training plan based on your company’s needs and desires.

Development processes and agile methodology

We can help make your entire organisation work towards a common goal. We can find the bottlenecks in your development process and achieve objectives with the help of short feedback cycles. We can help scale agile development in larger organisations using the Scaled Agile Framework.

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